Our Clients

At T.P.I., we strive to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients. We supply professionals who meet the demands of any project and we remain committed to providing competitive, efficient services without sacrifice to quality


Our philosophy continues to bring success because we:

•Identify project requirements

•Encourage customer feedback

•Tailor services to satisfy the needs of our customers

•Supply qualified personnel

•Promote teamwork

• Onshore & Offshore Construction Site Management & Third Party Inspection on the Fabrication Load-Out & Installation of the Oilbird Platform & Jacket of EOG Resources Trinidad Ltd.

• Inspection of 26” Diameter Hook Up Spools & “Piggable Wye” for BPTT Cannonball to Cassia-B Pipelines.

• Inspection provided on 56” Diameter 77km Gas Pipeline for the National Gas Company Cross Island Pipeline Project (C.I.P.P) Trinidad.

• Onshore & Offshore Inspection provided for 36”, 30” & 18” Diameter Sub-Sea Pipelines for National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago & BHP Billiton- Offshore Trinidad.

• Construction Project management & Inspection Receiving, Concrete Coating & Load-out of 770 18” & 30” Diameter Pipe for the BHP Angostura Pipeline Project.

• Onshore Construction Site Management & Inspection on the Fabrication of Kairi 1 Platform for BHP Billiton.

• Offshore Inspection for the Installation of Aripo, canteen 1, Kairi 1, & Control Processing Platform for BHP Billiton.

• Onshore & Offshore Construction Site management of Bombax Sub-Sea Manifold for BPTT

• Onshore & Offshore Construction Site management & Inspection on the Fabrication Load-Out & Installation of Cannonball Platform & Jacket for BPTT.

• Onshore & Offshore Site management & inspection of the fabrication load out & Installation of the Flare Boom for the Kapok Platform for BPTT

• Onshore & Offshore Construction Site Management, Inspection, Load-out & Fabrication of Bridge & Flare Boom for BHP Billiton Angostura Field.