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  • Inspection 
  • Welding & fabrication   
  • Scaffolding  
  • Technical assessments           
  • Engineering
  • Structural and process piping
  • Onshore and Offshore hook ups
  • Structural modification and upgrades
  • Sand blasting and painting in house

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Quality Policy

Our objectives:


  •  Provide exceptional service and reliability,

  •  Provide quality workmanship by committed and trained personnel,

  •  Provide value for money using only suitable quality materials,

  • Satisfy our clients’ requirements, industry regulators and staff,

  • Provide these services in a professional and ethically responsible manner.




Current Contracts
  • Buoy/Nustar Energy
  •  PLEM Installation In St Eustatius / Nustar Energy
  • PLEM Fabrication- REDS Caribbean Ltd/ Jukes Group
  • Embarkation Stand repair- Fairfield Nodal
  • Gangway Fitting – ROWAN Ralph Coffman- EOG Resources
  • Repair fuel pipe on Discovery, Americas, Jack Ryan, Pathfinder, Enterprise
  • Install Valves on the TOUCAN Platform for SERCAN
  • Digging and Rope Access Labour on BP Juniper Platform
  • Scaffolding Labour services during SERCAN Drilling and Completion

Our clients have repeatedly shared their appreciation of  our conduct and quality of services and candidates. We invite you to take a moment to view our services. We do our best for the benefit of our clients!

Why Us?

Onshore and Offshore Masters

Onshore or offshore T.P.I. provides a diverse range of services that varies in scope depending upon project requirements.

When it involves project teams we are capable of filling everything from a one person support position to furnishing complete project or construction management teams.

If it involves inspection, we can provide experienced multidiscipline inspection services including quality and expediting representatives to meet the demands of any project.


Details of typical warranties that are offered on goods and services provided.

With over twenty-five years experience in construction and installation, we are focused, dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality of service, which adheres to internationally recognized codes and standards (ASME 1X, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.8, API 1104, AWS D1.1 etc) including environmental health and safety which governs the petroleum industry.

At Third Party Inspection Ltd, we strive to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients. We supply professionals who meet the demands of any project and we remain committed to providing competitive, efficient service without sacrifice to quality.